Meet the Trainees

Mah BudsWell this is them ­čśÇ

Lucas Gade, Benjamin Cullis-Watson, Me and Phillipe Chazee (From left to right)

Each of these guys has a goal, I want to help them achieve it, faster!

They will all be undertaking extreme┬áchallenges, I’ll be flinging new things at them constantly and ┬ábe pushing them┬ámercilessly.

However, because this is also my first time being a dedicated trainer I’ll be learning new things constantly too! I have to pursue the knowledge aspect, work on my technique and make sure none of my trainees lose heart.

So it shall be ­čśÇ I’ll throw up Bios of each one soon!

By the way, I’m not that short :'(. Perceptions lines and what what.

I’m the same height as Lucas.


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