February 1st 2013

Oh My Oh my Oh My.

Are my boys in for it today!

I’ve discovered the solution to all their energy problems (That being them having excess)

I introduce a simple but effective Cross-fit construct called: Angie!

However, since we are just starting out I’ll be making them do 1/4th Angie

Simply because a full Angie at this stage is ridiculous.

Complete 5 rounds for time:

25 pull ups(assisted)

25 Push-ups (Chest to the ground)

25 Sit-ups (Shoulders to the ground)

25 Air Squats (Weight-less)


And that’s it.

I’ve designated Friday’s as Cross-Fit days! Shock up the CNS a bit, letting them adapt better to the heavier lifts as well as build their core and hit up some rigidity in their bodies.

Fun fun fun!




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