January 30th 2013-Gym Report!

Я дышу воздухом гордый человек

Basically, today was ultra-successful!

Besides having a bit of scare with Phil being late due to a doctor checking up some manner of foot injury, having to change the original plan for him to better suit the time. Everything flowed nicely.

Ben and Lucas have been extremely dedicated, when Phil showed up he joined them right away!

I’m extremely proud of all of them, they are pushing and applying themselves now.

I’m especially proud of Lucas, who has stopped giving up so easily. His effort and trying to push each set is paying off for him, both strength and self-confidence wise.

Ben is starting to enjoy the gym, which is a great sign! He doesn’t back down from a challenge easily, matter of fact he will push himself until its done.

Phil has the potential to be a wicked gym powerhouse, I’m just worried about his dedication.


I’ve learned a few things today, firstly I should trust my trainees alittle more. They are strong, confident guys and I just worry they will break themselves doing it.

I need to look at it objectively, not from a friend point of view but as a trainer.

Secondly, lifting is a 80% a mind game. If I can’t instill a good gym ethic and a unrelenting attitude in my trainees, then when I am not there they can easily hurt themselves.

Speaking of mind games, I have to keep them from insulting each other. I know its all in the fun, but even a little blow to your psyche can mess up a lift and potentially hurt you.


We were all trying something new, I had to work collaboratively with my trainees to make sure they understood what I was saying and that they were confident enough to go about it on their own. I am also learning new skills myself, learning to effectively spot a bench and squat as well as psyching up my trainees to have the energy to go to they gym.

Получить себе в спортзал.

If you are trying to go to the gym, pretty much the entire battle is getting there. I will be bringing extra kits and bottles, just in case any of my trainees try to back out.

I’m proud of you three, seriously.


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